Product Manager

Salary range:

7 000 - 8 600 EUR net / month, depending on experience

In this role you will lead a self-managed, high-performance, cross-functional team of designers, engineers, data scientists, and other specialists to identify, define, develop, launch and scale products that drive game-changing impact..

This requires the creativity to look at problems in new ways, the willingness to try new things, and the drive to deliver breakthrough solutions.  A successful candidate will have a hypothesis-, experiment- and data-driven mentality, a balance of creativity, analytic skills and strategic mindset, and exceptional organisational leadership.

What profiles are we looking for:

  • Passion for solving problems that matter and deliver real-world, game changing impact at scale.
  • Proven track record as a product manager in a modern product & tech organization of successfully defining, developing and launching business/consumer products or platforms.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead, inspire, and motivate diverse team of designers, engineers, and data scientists.
  • Excellent at using both quantitative and logic-based methodologies in strategy work as well as day-to-day tactical execution.
  • Effectiveness at communicating and articulating your product vision and roadmap, whether in small group discussions or large-scale presentations, across business functions.
  • MSc within technology, design, business or similar fields is preferable, but not a requirement.

What will be your responsibilities:

  • Lead the work developing and refining a product’s strategy, from problem identification and customer needs to solution definition and associated business plan and success metrics
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively and proactively with key internal and external stakeholders
  • Work with UX researchers and data scientists to understand customer needs, generate insights, and develop and test solution hypotheses
  • Lead the work developing a product solution, including problem identification and prioritisation, solution roadmap definition, and development execution

Why work with us?

  • Unique opportunity to meet and work with talented people in an international experienced product team
  • Impactful work! Your work will be deployed to thousands of users and your input will be heard and taken into consideration
  • We are a people and value driven company focused on creating optimal conditions for quality of work and life balance.
  • Be mentored by experienced CPO & Senior UX & Tech Leads

How we work together:

We organise ourselves in a nimble and tight cross-functional team which is lead by a Product Manager, a UX lead, a Lead engineer and we collaborate across the organisation for content sourcing and creation, insights, marketing, etc. The team is experienced in working remotely with all team members.

What we offer:

  • Loose atmosphere, no tight deadlines, work with experienced developers, great opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge
  • Working with a tightly knit senior cross functional team
  • Long term contract

About Moshpit:

We invest in everyone we get a chance to work with. With trust, space, love and personalised coaching we make sure you are set up for the work ahead of you. In Moshpit we believe and practice work-life balance, trust in your colleagues  and challenge each other with work a little north of our comfort zone. We celebrate change, diversity, curiosity and seeking to understand everyone we work with as complete humans. We aim to accelerate everyone into the work trajectory they always were destined for but needed a boost to reach and we can’t wait to meet you.