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Good news! We can help you with digital product development.

Every step of the process. From Research, exploring ideas, design and development to putting together the best team to take on the challenge ahead.

We build products based and focused on the needs of end-users.
We have created web solutions, e-commerce platforms, mobile apps and internal work tools in all sizes and shapes.

Here are some recent projects within legal-tech, climate-tech, web sites, educational software and publishing. Enjoy!

Exemplary case studies


Bringing you a legal source tool containing legal sources, legal commentaries, academic literature and practical document templates - all in one place.

Good Work • Tech Case Study

We've developed a system that makes it easy to keep track of, maintain and replace furniture when the needs of the workplace change.


Inspera is a cloud-based digital assessment platform for planning, creating, delivering, and grading in one place.

Pioner Labs

Awesome website for a tech startup – see it for yourself here!


App raising cybersecurity competence through gamification and learning psychology.

Good Work

Inventory management System and reuse marketplace. See how easy it can be to support the circular economy!

Good Sports

Good Sports is a project that aims to provide parents with a convenient and sustainable way to access sports equipment for their children.

ARK Read & Listen App

A cutting edge mobile app with a state of theart reading and listening experience + API forreading and buying ebooks, podcasts andaudiobooks for Gyldendal. ‍

Digital product development

There are many possible solutions to every challenge. One thing we know for sure is that, in order to find the best solution, it is important to work methodically and systematically. This applies in the early phase of innovation projects, major digital transformations and in minor product adjustments. Success is not a game of chance, but experience, hard work and perspective.

We do Digital Product Development  - discover, design & engineer software-driven user experiences that improve organization’s user journeys, in part or in total. We deploy agile development methodologies to deliver products at speed while continuously testing and iterating based on user input and feedback, data and stakeholder input.

We have done a lot of it, mostly in Media, Retail and Publishing.

Building Teams

A well-composed team is the key to success. By mapping what the competence of the team is, what competence and experience is missing as well as what the team will need to meet challenges in the future is the first step. After building, assembling and working in over 40 cross-functional teams, we quickly see who is missing to succeed.

An early stage innovation team needs completely different team profiles to shine than a team working on a product that has gained customers and needs to be scaled up and out into the world. Team roles and competence must be adapted to the challenges and problems to be solved. Not everyone likes to experiment and not everyone likes to operate.

Recruitment of extra muscle or New Team

Recruitment is hard, and we love a great challenge. We have experienced how much time, energy and funds you can save doing a thorough job recruiting. The right person in the right place at the right time is half the success.

Over several years of trial and error, we have found our method on how to find the very best people for our projects and we are very happy to do the same for you.

We can help you set up a recruitment strategy and process that can deliver both local and remote talent from across Europe (+/- 3 CET). Together we find and define what roles you have to fill and what kind of personalities are best suited to solve the task. From there we go into search and set up interviews within culture, expertise and teams. The process is adapted to your company's needs and the challenges ahead and how much time, people and expertise you have. We support all stages of the process.